A simple online store using WordPress and a customised plugin.

Teri Dyes had an existing, very basic, single page website which was only getting found on the web because the business is in a relatively small market.

The new owner of Teri Dyes wanted to get into some small scale online selling so I built her a new site using WordPress and a simple e-commerce plugin. With only a few products, and products that were not going to change often, a full-blown online store such as Bigcommerce wasn’t justified, and this little store works really well for her. Credit card payments are via PayPal which works very well now that New Zealanders are getting used to using it.

A careful SEO strategy and carefully crafted content also has Teri Dyes climbing all over their competition for just about any search with the word “dyes” in it.

See the Teri Dyes website here.